What’s your Dream?

I have been commuting by train from my home in Port Jervis, New York to Manhattan since 2006. It is a long ride (over 2.5 hours each way) so I have gotten into the habit of writing while I’m on the train. In fact, I’ve done so much writing on the train that in 2013, I published a collection of flash fiction called, you guessed it, Dreams in Transit.

I created this blog to talk about writing, especially about writing Flash Fiction. I may even share a story or two. If you share my interest in writing, and would like to write a guest post, contact me! I’m interesting in posts about writing techniques, particularly fiction and even more particularly flash fiction. I’m also interested in posts about the writing life, getting published, or even self-published, and stories to inspire other writers.

What’s my dream? My dream is to be able to spend my time writing about the things I’m interested in. Tell me, what’s your dream?